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Khalid al Dakheel's first passion is Cartooning, which started in the mid-80s by creating cartoon characters, storytelling & creating comics. Kamil, Robbie, Pencil, and other characters were the earliest creations.

Here, is where the artist has really started in the Cartoon field with all its different branches over the years.

In this section is a selection of the Comics from his childhood until this day.

Latest Comic


1998 - 2015




Is one of the first cartoon characters Khalid has ever created. From the mid-80s to 1992, he’s released many short comics, as well as two coloured graphic novels starring the Arabian hero.


The series story is about a lonely boy named Kamil, who travels with his close friends Basim & Genie in search of his family. Kamil‘s comics were created without any written script, the story carries on as Khalid creates each page, and this method actually applies to most of his productions.


This 9-page story is one of the short comics called The Crazy.


Is another cartoon character that Khalid created when he was a kid. Many short comics were released in the early 90’s starring the angry wolf. These are some of the 4-page comics of Robbie.


The Surprise

The Wallet

Gang Leader

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