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Welcome :) Khalid al Dakheel's personal website is back. It's been redesigned into a new/old look - by going back to the…
A question about Khalid on Jeopardy Middle East - MBC    
Website History 4-1
From planning to sketching to painting, to web-design. Browse the album of the most notable different versions of the website since its…
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Arabic تم نشر اللقاء مع صحيفة المدينة في (ملحق الأربعاء) كجزء من استطلاع للصحيفة بعنوان: (صالات وأسواق سينما المهرجانات.. خدمة للأفلام.. تسويق، أم…
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I was interviewed a week ago in AlMadina Newspaper about Children's Cinema, which was published today in a full report about this…
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I've been interviewed in the press couple of days ago, and the interview was published in (alMadina Newspaper), on Wednesday - 20…
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